Working on a global scale

We work with a successful global law firm made up of over 1,600 partners and lawyers working across 16 different countries. Their expertise spans a multitude of legal areas, including banking, employment, real estate and tax.

As a renowned and respected company that aims to help and support their clients in any way possible, they appreciate the value of quality guest services. They needed to know that from the first point of contact, everyone who interacted with their brand found them to be trustworthy, friendly and capable.

That’s where we came in…

Working with Portico was the company’s first time outsourcing their guest services. We worked closely with them to engineer the in-house team’s TUPE transfer into our business. This process could have been bumpy, but our experienced team helped to make the transition seamless.

To start with, we created a clear service development roadmap for them which outlined what we wanted to achieve (improved customer satisfaction and feedback) and how we were going to do it. This gave us concrete goals to work towards together and motivated our teams to provide the best quality guest service.

In 2019, they relocated to a new office to bring the company together for the first time. Our team supported the move and ensured the smooth changeover of the employees into their new agile environment. This move marked the start of an exciting new chapter for the business, as it allowed them to increase their real estate and resources.

Our Portico people provide support in multiple roles and locations across the firm, including reception, client floor, central reservations, events and management of internal floors. From greeting guests to carrying out helpdesk support, our talented, flexible and agile team have adapted perfectly to the business’ needs and continue to grow with it.

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