Portico Safe

Portico Safe is a new service line that blends front of house and security, offering a seamless experience for every building user and visitor.

Front-of-house trained security officers can take part in delivering guest experience focused activities to streamline a client’s brand image and elevate customer service. To the customer, it is a warm welcome as they enter the building from the team, but for the client it is an effective blend of security protocol and service as one.

Portico Safe team members are highly trained and SIA-licensed to have heightened attention and engagement with both your visitors and building occupants, providing a seamless and personalised welcome to those entering the building whilst also maintaining situational awareness. Portico Safe is a hybrid of front-of-house and security services, whereby we combine concierge guest services with manned guarding and control room monitoring, A model that is new to the market is proving popular with clients. Please read our case study here.

Service Focused

Speak to anyone in security and they will tell you that the single most important role a guard can do is to be vigilant which in turn creates preventive protection. In order to be vigilant, you must be engaged, and this is what Portico does best.

We believe that “service focused” professionals are the key to unlocking your arrival experience. Operatives that have the capability and desire to improve your experience, making you feel safe. However, the feelings of safety should not be an ambition, it should be the standard and expectation. It’s the feeling of comfort, reassurance and finally an all-round experience that our operatives are also delivering.

End to end experience

It is why we have designed our Portico safe team to be the end to end experience, a security service that can tackle todays and tomorrows security threats whilst creating an inviting and engaging workplace.

Our security solution is designed to complement your existing arrival experience or become the singular point of welcome, facilitating the arrival and departure journey with a soft yet secure approach.

Meet Portico Safe Operations Manager - Jose Saez

The idea behind Portico Safe is to complement existing front-of-house services and become the singular point of welcome. Jose oversees all security contracts and is responsible for upskilling Portico’s front of house colleagues so they have the right tools and knowledge to thrive in the security industry.


To the customer it is just one warm and inviting team, but to you the client it provides an unrivalled blend of security protocol and service as one. Our highly trained, SIA Licensed ‘Portico Security Operatives’ (PSO) encapsulate the following skills;

Heightened attention and engagement with both your visitors and surrounding environment

Provide a seamless and personalised welcome whilst maintaining situational awareness

Enhanced training in both threat prevention and detection

Excellent communication skills with expert training in conflict resolution

Vigilance and proactive management of hazards and building health & safety

First aid and fire marshal support

Oversee all site-based CCTV and key handling responsibilities

Providing reassurance to those returning to the workplace whilst upholding building social distancing measures

Providing a security service which is service focused!