ESG Plan

ESG Plan

ESG has been an intrinsic part of Portico’s business for many years, with our strategy Second Nature, outlining our commitment to sustainability, wellbeing, community work, fair pay and good governance.

Portico’s Second Nature

Our Second Nature ESG policy guides our direction of travel over the next three years in continuing to provide a positive workspace for our people, a welcoming space for guests, and a flourishing partnership with our clients, all while minimising our impact on the environment. Crucially, it emphasises concrete and measurable actions as well as outlining principles and strategy.

Portico’s Second Nature strategy comprises a framework of four pillars:

Giving Back

We see our commitment to giving back as a moral and social responsibility. We want to do our bit to help our community, so an important part of our business is finding ways to help charities and people. We offer all our team members one day paid leave to dedicate to a charity work of their choice.

At Portico, we firmly believe in the importance of giving back to our community as both a moral obligation and a social responsibility. We are dedicated to making a positive impact beyond our business operations by supporting charities and individuals in need. Within our teams, we have a dedicated focus group called Giving Back, comprising voluntary work, social mobility and fundraising.

Over the past decade, we have collaborated with various charities, creating transformative success stories.