Happy and Healthy

Happy and Healthy

The word wellness can often be overused, especially in today’s corporate setting

It can lose its meaning and have initiatives thrown at it that often have no meaning or value. Here at Portico wellness is fundamental to what we do. It isn’t just something we do to check off on a list, at Portico your wellbeing matters to us.

We value mental health and wellbeing as core assets to our business and have dedicated experts on hand when we recognise any problems that can become serious. So here’s an insight into some of the things we do to ensure your wellbeing is at the forefront of our business.

We believe that it’s not just about being comfortable enough to talk about the problems...

It is fundamental that our management plays a crucial role in supporting our people that experience distress and/or mental health problems.

At Portico, we support the development of compassionate and effective line management relationships – providing opportunities for managers and supervisors to attend mental health awareness training and dedicated courses for mental wellbeing. We ensure that specialist training is matched with our ability to listen compassionately and act appropriately.