Our People


We attract the best talent in the industry-driven, engaging and unflappable individuals.

Our teams take care of everything, from welcoming your clients, answering the switchboard and creating events, right through to managing your internal floors. 


We lead the market in our talent attraction, people retention and our leadership development programmes – our stats speak for themselves and our people score us at 98% as an ‘all round’ great employer.

We create exceptional experiences beyond the look, feel and sound – we empower our people to flourish through our exceptional approach to people management and engagement.

We are a mature business, tried, tested and proven time and time again with our clients going to market and retaining Portico.

We have mobilised more new builds and completed more TUPE programmes than anyone else and have a 99% success rate of people transfers.

We immerse ourselves into our clients' business and bespoke everything we do to ensure we are their brand ambassadors.

Standing still is not in our DNA, we champion positive change in all that we do, we drive innovation, technology enhancements, commercial efficiencies and service development programmes.


Service that’s tailored to your vision and values; a truly ‘one size fits one’ approach.

We take ownership and responsibility for managing your guest services, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.



Our culture is built on support, encouragement and recognition of achievement. More than teaching our people how to deliver exceptional client service, we coach them into achieving their full potential and set them on a path to success.

A little bit more about us

We were founded in 2005

We work in 100+ sites

There are over 800 Portico people

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