Workplace Experiences Re-Imagined

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12 March 2021

The ‘future’ of the office is receiving enormous debate and speculation with industry experts actively sharing their reports, opinions and insights.

What has become clear is that the office will always have a significant role to play in the long-term working world.

The Covid-19 pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns have changed our working ways for the foreseeable and long-term future. However, in many ways, this makes the role of the physical workplace more important than ever.

The office does more than just facilitate work, it brings people together and encourages collaboration which helps to foster a positive culture, teamwork and learning. It’s a place where talent is nurtured, development happens and where friendships are made.

The future workplace may no longer be a place to come and connect the laptop to do a day’s ‘work’. Instead it may become a destination venue where teams or individuals spend time specifically collaborating or connecting.

We’ve always understood the importance of creating agile working environments for our clients and we understand the office is so much more than just providing people with a computer and a desk. In many ways, the pandemic is accelerating the process of making businesses think more creatively about the spaces they work from and the roles that support these spaces.

Supporting the future workplace is now more important than ever to facilitate and attract those in the office and support those at home. In every decision made, it is important to consider whether it supports and enhances the ‘New Workplace Purpose’.

What is the ‘New Workplace Purpose’:

• Technology to enhance brand experience.

• Floorspace design to encourage collaboration, learning and wellbeing.

• Community engagement apps to build culture and most importantly the people and service to bring engagement and those spaces to life.

We have created our own detail guide which captures our thoughts and insights into how the office may be shaped in the future to support the employee and customer experience.

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