Safely Returning to Work

Company Our People
6 May 2020

These past couple of weeks we have seen real growth in our clients reaching out to begin plans to gradually reopen their offices.  To support our clients, we introduced a taskforce to collaborate with industry experts and safety professionals to research insights and best practices.  Our taskforce created a comprehensive ‘Reopening You Workplace Guide’ which was packed full of information, ideas, solutions and examples to support our clients with safely reopening their offices.

The next couple of months will see over 60% of our clients reopen their offices.  In addition to helping our clients we also needed to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of our Portico people as they go back to work.

How have we done this?

Health & Safety Training

Firstly, we created a dedicated training programme to address the future workplace and safety measures that we will all benefit from as we get back to the office in the coming days, weeks and months. Our Learning and Development Manager, Victoria Craig, created this programme with the support of our operations team and Health & Safety subject matter experts. This online training programme is compulsory for all our people returning to work and is checked by each line manager when a team member returns to work

Making sure our Manager and Supervisors are up to date with the new H&S updates and activities is very important for our business. We have therefore designed a bespoke programme for them to share through activities and team talks and developed bespoke Covid-19 risk assessments.

Health & Safety Questionnaire

Next, all our people who return to the workplace also have to complete our online Health and Safety questionnaire, ensuring they are fit and well to return to work.

Travel Planning

Finally, over the coming weeks many of our people will be setting their alarms again and commuting into their workplaces. To support our people in their planning of their travel, we created a travel guide with some helpful information and important platforms to help them plan ahead of their journey.