Pride Q+A Session with Andre Costa, Reception Team Leader at Portico

22 June 2023

Continuing our Q+A sessions to celebrate Pride Month, we spoke to Andre Costa, a reception team leader at Portico. Andre shared his personal experiences and insights on allyship, workplace inclusivity, and what Pride Month means to him.

Andre, 33, has lived in London since 2015. Reflecting on the significance of Pride Month, Andre shares: “For me, Pride Month is a time to embrace and take pride in one’s identity. It’s an opportunity for individuals to appreciate who they are and recognise their potential for personal growth and achievements.” Pride, for Andre, is “a celebration of freedom, allowing individuals to live authentically and without fear.”

When discussing what it means to be a good ally, Andre says “An ally to me is someone who provides unwavering support and kindness towards the community, and the absence of judgment. For companies, being an ally means taking tangible steps to foster inclusivity within the workplace.” Andre emphasises the significance of creating a safe environment for employees, which includes providing diversity training sessions and actively listening to and valuing the team’s input. By encouraging employees to express their true selves and ensuring their voices are heard, companies can cultivate an inclusive and progressive work culture.

Andre’s perspective serves as a reminder of the value of building a workplace that embraces diversity and empowers every individual to thrive. His insights shed light on the transformative power of allyship and “the ongoing work needed to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels acknowledged and appreciated.”