Positive Interview Feedback

Company Learning & Development
17 September 2018

Bill Gates famously quoted:

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”


Our Talent Attraction team have launched a monthly programme of workshops.  The first, held in August, covered the important topic of Interview Feedback and was attended by over 30 Portico People.


Like Bill Gates, we believe there are many benefits to receiving constructive feedback and we actively encourage this throughout our business.  Feedback is a hugely important part of the hiring journey and we recognise our role in ensuring our feedback is constructive and that potential candidates leave with positive tools to take away.


For us, the correct delivery of feedback can help someone achieve their future goals, can be an opportunity to motivate candidates to develop their work experience, take on additional responsibility, work on their interview techniques and focus on what inspires them.


Our approach uses the RED method of Reason, Explain and Develop.  This encourages our hiring managers to focus on the Reason for why the candidate was unsuccessful before going on to explain why we felt they were not suited to the role and where required we will share our expectations to support the candidates learning.  The final stage is Develop, which is our opportunity to offer advice, guidance and examples of training or areas to research to help potential candidates in the future.


Next month our Talent Team focus on Advert Writing to ensure we are attracting the very best talent into our Portico family.