Portico’s 5/5 Mystery Shopper Mark

11 April 2023

Have you ever wondered what it takes for a business to receive a five-star guest experience rating? Well, wonder no more because here at Portico, we are celebrating our achievement of this coveted recognition. In a mystery shopping assessment conducted by an independent third-party company, Portico not only met but exceeded the high standards set for guest services, leading to a five-star rating.

Quality of daily execution is extremely important for us at Portico. This is why we have been working with a company of guest services mystery shoppers for 6 years to ensure sleek service is delivered day in, day out. Last year alone, we coordinated over 130 such visits. An assessor would rarely score a service 5/5 which is why we are extremely proud of our team at Hyde building in Watford who have just been awarded the highest achievable marks.

The assessment conducted by mystery shoppers was thorough and discreet, testing all aspects of customer service from first impressions to problem-solving abilities. The shoppers observed staff behaviour from the moment they first entered the building, where eye contact and smiles were particularly important.

Aesthetic details such as tidiness of desk space and maintenance of the lobby were noted to be of the highest standard, offering a ‘luxurious feel’ and ‘enjoyable to be in’. Further compliments were expressed to the team members throughout the visit; commenting on their ‘immaculate presentation, high-quality attire, and personal grooming’ as well as their demonstration of ‘warmth and kindness’ which was reinforced by ‘open and approachable body language.’

The report was not short of heart-warming examples of where our team have gone the extra mile to make every customer feel welcomed into any of our venues. Assessors were particularly impressed by the outstanding customer service delivered by the Hyde Building team which they described as being ‘bespoke, professional, efficient and full of care and character.’ They noted that even when presented with two challenges involving an ad-hoc request for parking and the absence of a host, the team dealt with the issues ‘with empathy and decisive resolution’ resulting in a ‘superior’ outcome. The assessor further praised ‘the team’s high level of confidence in their workspace and their unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience’ which was consistently evident throughout the visit. Their ‘upbeat and warm’ demeanour created an enjoyable atmosphere, and it was clear that ‘the team took ownership of the experience’.

This outstanding rating is a genuine testament to the exceptional dedication and service level displayed by each and every team member. It is a reason for them all to feel immensely proud of their accomplishments.

Portico Welcome Host Francesca shares: “Receiving a 5/5 on our mystery shopper report is amazing! At Hyde we understand the importance of customer service and working as a team, it inspires customer loyalty. By providing great customer service to all helps us build strong relationships with occupiers and contractors. We go that extra mile to help others with any queries they may have, we believe in equality and that all should be treated equally and fairly no matter the circumstance. It is a pleasure to work for Portico and possibly couldn’t do it without the support of Venelina, Rachel & Daniel!”

Penshee Managing Director, Giles Gordon-Smith noted: “It’s been six years since Penshee’s assessments were first designed, tested and brought to market and since then we have conducted over 1500 service impact assessments in the corporate reception space alone, let alone other industries. The rating system of our model was conceived to be aspirational yet achievable, and the ‘Perfect Five’ is something we hoped would happen one day (we love nothing more than to see service being delivered to the highest standard). Well last week, that day arrived, when our agent stepped across the threshold at Hyde. Penshee’s model, and this wonderful world of hospitality is founded on people and behaviour, and we know that the leap from good to great, is human. Huge congratulations to the Hyde team for doing what they do – not just on that day, but on every day, with every visitor. My praise also goes out to Portico, who relentlessly pursue perfection in their service; and perhaps there’s some serendipity in the fact that it was Portico who first took the chance with us six years ago. Keep up the great work everyone.”