Portico’s ‘Second Nature’ ESG strategy: Progressive Partnerships

ESG: Second Nature
5 June 2024

Portico ESG strategy, “Second Nature”, is built around four pillars, the expanded strategy will guide our direction of travel over the next three years in continuing to provide a positive workspace for our people, a welcoming space for guests, and a flourishing partnership with our clients, all while minimising our impact on the environment. So, what are the pillars – and how are we tracking against them?

Progressive Partnerships

Forming strong partnerships across Portico’s supply chain that drive positive change is a key component of the strategy. Under this pillar, we have already collaborated with some incredible charities, including Smart Works, Suited and Booted and Avena Environmental to introduce innovative methods for our teams and clients to donate, recycle, or responsibly dispose of uniforms. We’ve also forged partnerships with Indelible Bouquets, to provide an alternative solution for fresh flower displays at our client locations. These initiatives reflect our ongoing dedication to fostering a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible workplace.

Moving forward, we will build on this success by:

  • Ensuring fair terms and working conditions across the supply chain under our newly launched Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Ensuring that flower displays come from sustainable sources and that uniforms are purchased from certified sustainable cotton, contain recycled materials and are designed with second use in mind (e.g. by avoiding embroidering logos).
  • Recycling or donate all used uniforms by the end of 2024 to employment charity Suited and Booted.

A shout-out to Portico Pulse

Our PULSE platform lies at the core of Portico’s ESG fostering dynamic partnerships with suppliers dedicated to drive positive change within our industry. This platform serves as a vital network connecting us with suppliers deeply committed to essential ESG topics, including uniform recycling, sustainable plant and flower displays, and suppliers consistently seeking more eco-friendly sources for fabric, production, and delivery of uniforms to our on-site teams. The PULSE helps our teams discover local events and bring the community into our client workplaces. The platform offers a network of suppliers that help to bring the community together in an innovative way and through the activation of client space. The platform connects our teams and clients with our charity partners to align with our client’s corporate social responsibility goals with community involvement, boosting fulfilment and impact for your employees.

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