People Spotlight – Adam Martin

Our People
29 March 2023

As part of our Portico People Blog series, we spoke to Adam Martin, our Welcome Services Team Leader about his recent promotion and journey here at Portico. He is a genuine brand ambassador for our company, and we are hugely proud to see our values shine through his everyday work.

Tell us about your role and your recent promotion, how did you get there?

My journey with Portico started back in February 2020, when I started as a Welcome Host for one of our larger client sites. After taking a promotion to another one of our contracts I moved into a more facilities-based front house role. Fast-forward to March 2023, I was delighted to return to my original client as Location Manager. Throughout this process, I was fortunate enough to be guided by excellent leaders and received great support from our fabulous Learning and Development team.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I live in Solihull in the West Midlands, right next to Birmingham, and in my spare time enjoy travelling, socialising, and running. I recently moved into a new apartment, so I spend a lot of my spare time trying (and sometimes failing…) at DIY!

Tell us about your favourite part of your working day and why?

I am lucky to have such a great team who are always happy to support the client and are always welcoming to our visitors – I most enjoy spending time with the team and coaching them to ensure our service is always five-star.

When did you join guest services? And did you work in front-of-house before Portico?

My background before guest services was in retail. I worked in retail for over ten years, and service excellence forms such a key part of the customer experience – I truly feel that these skills are invaluable in a front-of-house role.

What is your vision for your new role? What would you like to achieve in the next 6 months and a year?

I would really like to put our location on the map and be the benchmark for service delivery within the contract, ensuring that the team are brand ambassadors not only for the client but for Portico too.

What are you looking to most when you started with us?

I was looking forward to trying something new within customer service, and I’ve certainly discovered a whole new world of guest services that I can sink my teeth into.

What makes a Portico person stand out?

Portico people have service excellence running through their veins. This is an invaluable skill and something all Portico people have in common. Whilst all our client sites have different goals, strategies and visions, one thing is the constant – our people.

What are the key skills for amazing guest service?

Empathy, personality and professionalism – gone are the days of robotic service. I believe that the future of guest services relies on the ability of individuals to adapt to different situations.

Why join the hospitality industry?

If you enjoy helping people and making peoples’ days, and meeting different people every day, then all the rest can be taught, why delay?

What advice would you give to a new starter in Portico?

Be yourself.

Have you taken part in any learning or development programmes with us?

I have been fortunate to have taken part in virtual workshops during the pandemic and attended in-person training sessions in The Hive – all of which have been extremely beneficial to me!

What is your absolute favourite training course or module?

Emotional intelligence and growth mindset; the session really got us thinking and encourages discussion.

What is something which no one knows about you?

I once sang to the Queen way back in 2002 when she opened Touchwood shopping centre in Solihull.

What is your favourite Birmingham site, museum or area?

I love our network of canals – some are modern, some are industrial, whilst some are artsy and gritty and others are peaceful. You can walk for miles and if you were up for the challenge, could even try the Birmingham to Stratford-upon-Avon canal walk.

What is your favourite city in the UK?

BRUM! I am a Midlander through and through and am really proud to call myself a Brummie.