New Portico Brand

1 September 2016

The former Portico brand, vision and values have served us well for over six years and we have achieved great success applying these in all that we do. Reflecting on the past few years, our business has evolved, the services we offer our clients and the sectors we operate in have developed.


Therefore it was time we reviewed and refreshed our vision and values, and align this to a new look for Portico which showcases how we focus our energies and commitment on our people, our passion and our service.


The name ‘Portico’ has a fantastic reputation in our market so this remained the same. Everything else has changed. Our old values, making first impressions last, focus on people and effective communication were refreshed: in their place we welcomed Passion and Service, our new values that make Portico truly unique.


Passion and Service are part of everything we do at Portico. We don’t just offer a great welcome, we take care of all the little things that make a real difference to the experiences people have.


Our people make our business and we want all of us at Portico to be the most positively engaged, working together in supportive teams and always evolving to provide the best service. The foundation of our culture is to build trusted partnerships with our people and our clients. This is underpinned by our new values.


Reflecting our new brand identity and our refreshed vision and values, our new brand photography captures the many talents and personalities that make up our Portico family.


We also introduced new service habits, a revised “thank you scheme”, an updated website and our fantastic Heartbeat magazine.