Multi-faith Prayer Rooms at Workplaces

15 March 2022

Multi-faith prayer rooms at workplaces should be inclusive and respectful of various users’ needs, says Richard O’Keefe

We are delighted to share our feature in this months Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management, Facilitate magazine. In this article, our Business Development Manager Richard O’Keefe, discusses the importance of multi-faith prayer rooms in the workplace, and how they should be inclusive and respectful of various users’ needs.

“Prayer rooms are quiet and safe spaces for individuals and community groups to gather and take part in religious practices. As such a vital resource for many communities, their design and upkeep are important in ensuring those who use them obtain maximum value out of the time they spend there. 

We are seeing many such spaces being called contemplation rooms, 
which reflects a cultural shift to mindful living and a heightened demand for widely usable communal facilities.”

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