Launching Portico Safe

Company Trends
1 July 2021

Following the growth in clients looking to explore the benefits of combining our welcome services with safety responsilbities. We are delighted to launch Portico Safe, our security offering which is designed to complement our existing services or become the singular point of welcome. Portico Safe will facilitate guest arrival and departure journeys with a soft yet secure approach.

Portico Safe will deliver an unrivalled blend of security protocol and service as one. With highly trained, SIA Licensed ‘Portico Security Operatives’ (PSO), the new offering will provide an end-to-end experience, a security service that can tackle todays and tomorrow’s security threats whilst creating an inviting and engaging workplace.

We believe that service focused professionals are the key to unlocking the arrival experience in the workplace – operatives that have the capability and desire to improve your experience to feel safe. There shouldn’t have to be a choice between safety and service. Portico Safe has been developed on the understanding that these needs are not in conflict with one another but in fact one enhances the other and both are necessary to take security to new levels.

For more information take a look at Portico Safe in the Services Menu of our website.