Knightsbridge Gate case study

Portico Safe
16 February 2023

Located in London, Knightsbridge Gate is a stunning mixed-use development that will be home to commercial, residential and retail clients.

Made up of 15 new apartments, 18 retail units over two floors, and over 18,000 square feet of commercial space above, the site represents Portico’s first full-scale security contract delivered under Portico Safe.

In April 2021, Portico was selected to provide security, concierge and guest services to a whole host of users including high-net-worth residents with bespoke needs.

“It was important we sought a partner who has the experience and expertise in launching properties in high-profile locations and able to deliver our objectives for excellence across the board. Portico was the natural choice, and we look forward to expanding this relationship.”

Daniel Ramrattan, Building Manager, Knightsbridge Gate, APML Estate

What we do at Knightsbridge Gate

Portico Safe is a new service line that blends front of house and security, offering a seamless and consistent experience for every building user and visitor.

This was a key consideration for being awarded the Knightsbridge Gate contract, the client aligning with our focus on service and the fact we recruit on personality.

We have 10 SIA accredited team members on site who work with the client 24/7, led by one manager who acts as the main point of contact.

All of the team members have been trained across manned guarding (to SIA level), control room and front of house roles in a way that allows our team to flourish – our vision for Portico Safe is to allow our employees’ personalities to shine, truly understand the individuality of our clients at Knightsbridge Gate and equip them with the skills needed to respond to every unique need.

Going the extra mile

Indeed, Portico Safe’s ‘one size fits one’ approach empowers us to go the extra mile to deliver what occupants and prospective buyers visiting the building need.

For instance, the residential properties are sought after by high-net-worth individuals who can have very particular and sometimes short-notice viewing needs. Some will arrive unannounced, while others will want to return on multiple occasions, the property agent will not be in attendance to serve these viewings. To cater to this, we have given our team extra training to manage such viewings, which typically happen on weekly basis. In addition, senior members of APML have also called the team on many occasions to look after their clients for viewings of the apartments.

The smaller touches have also made a difference. For example, one of our officers decided to tackle the issue of waste generated by changing flower displays in residential apartments each week – using the old flowers, he makes arrangements for back of house and show apartments, a process which saves the client £9,000 a year.

Looking ahead

Knightsbridge Gate is an important proof of concept for Portico Safe. It demonstrates that the hybrid blend of front of house and security can be delivered to meet a wide variety of client needs across a mixed-use estate.

“We are delighted at the positive feedback we get from our client and residents,” says Head of Portico Safe Jose Saez. “We continue to invest in our dedicated team’s training and development to serve residents and visitors to the building with the same personality, flexibility and attention to detail.”

“We would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done at Knightsbridge Gate. The professionalism and the endless hours that you and your team have spent have impressed the organization immensely. Even our agents have described the team’s approach in presenting the apartments as perfect.

“It feels good to operate with a team that is so self-reliant and motivated. Without the support that you all have provided, the organization might not have achieved its milestones.”

Daniel Ramrattan