Invest in our Planet

22 April 2022

As we celebrate this year’s Earth Day theme ‘Invest in our Plant’, we discuss the importance of biophilic design in the workplace.

The term ‘biophilia’ is a reference to our human need and desire to connect to nature. This same principle applies when introducing biophilic design to our workplaces, through natural and sustainable materials.

The environmental positives of biophilic design are important for the future of workplaces and ultimately our planet. Creating green indoor spaces with water features, plants and natural materials brings a range of benefits such as reducing a tenant’s carbon footprint and regulating temperatures of buildings.

Biophilic design is known to also elevate employee wellbeing and engagement, by connecting building occupants more closely to nature. Green spaces are proven to reduce stress and anxiety for many.  Incorporating factors like natural light, ventilation and even landscaping features helps to create a more productive and healthier environment for end-users.

In fact, according to research carried out by Urban Planters, successful biophilic design can increase productivity by up to 20% as users are more relaxed and focused in an tranquil environment they take pleasure in being a part of.


We share a few simple ways to apply biophilic principles into your workplace without breaking the bank:

  • Place easy to care for indoor plants near frequently used areas.
  • Open curtains and windows so that occupants can be guided by the daily movement of light and allow dynamic air movement and natural fluctuations in temperature.
  • Install an air purifier to maintain healthy air quality.
  • Incorporate auditory elements, such as using a nature sounds playlist, or natural scents.