Introducing our Newest Operations Manager

15 April 2022

We spoke with Rachel Nolan, Operations Manager at Portico, about her new role, what she’s working on at the moment, and the power of laughter!

Hey Rachel! Welcome to Portico. We will get right to it. Tell us about your new role at Portico?

Of course! I joined Portico as an Operations Manager over a month ago. As an Ops Manager, I will be working with our on-site teams to help them to grow and develop, all alongside ensuring our people deliver the best FOH service experience for our clients.

Amazing! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am originally from Kerry, a beautiful town in the South-West of Ireland. Around 8 years ago I moved to London as part of my degree at university and I haven’t looked back since! On a personal level, I thrive in the spring months when the evenings and days get longer. In my spare time I enjoy travelling (when restrictions allow) and meeting new people. I’ve recently joined my local gym and now am a bit of a gym fanatic – I absolutely love it!

Can you tell us about your experience before joining us?

I have worked in the corporate reception industry with other companies for almost 5 years now. Before that, I worked for Taj Hotels London & Rubens at the Palace. I have a degree in Business and Hospitality Management, and I recently completed a Digital Marketing course. I am also a qualified Mental Health First Aider and have a certificate in IOSH Managing Safely.

Great experience. So, what attracted you to Portico?

I absolutely love Portico’s values. At Portico, it’s clear all employees come first, and I believe this is so important. Helping our people to learn and grown in themselves and their work life is something I really value in my workplace.

Very glad to hear that! Tell us, what do you enjoy the most about your role?

It’s still early days yet, and I have loved so much so far, but I am really enjoying learning how Portico works and meeting our fantastic teams and clients.

Well said. What’s the biggest challenge about your role?

As an Operations Manager I am constantly traveling across Greater London, and as luck has it, I am terrible at directions! So, for most of the days I am in the city I have to factor in extra time for getting lost.

You’re not alone there Rachel! What advice would you give to someone considering a role as an Operations Manager?

Life as an Ops Manager is extremely versatile. No one day is the same. To manage this, you must be organised and proactive. This can be easily achieved if you remember the basics and keep a well managed calendar.

What are your tips to a motivated and engaged team?

Keep a focus on each employee’s development and life goals and align them with the company. I always make sure I am around to provide support to my team should they ever need it.

And last question, what is the most important lesson life has taught you?

For me, laughter is the best medicine. I always find that when something bad happens, try to look at the funny side, and everything will immediately not seem so bad.