International Week of Happiness at Work

Our People
22 September 2022

A global week of recognition, International Week of Happiness at Work,  encourages employers and employees to put happiness at the top of their agendas. From 19th – 25th September, business both large and small in over 50 countries will make workplace happiness a priority.

This week, we’re reflecting on what it means to be happy at work. If we are happy, we are generally better, nicer people to be around. We’re healthier, more friendly, more engaged, and willing to go the extra mile and help others, we’re also more productive, creative, and innovative. We become better friends, neighbours, and parents. Happiness at work should be the norm, and not the exception.

What makes a happy workplace?

We asked our Portico People:

Raluca Pop, Reception Welcome Host

“It makes me happy coming to work and seeing and hearing all the happy faces and genuine greetings, starting from the security officers at the entrance and my fellow reception hosts to the culinary team and my managers when I walk through the building and ending with every employee that I meet on my way. It is extremely important to me to feel this human connection and be a part of such a great team. And I say this from the bottom of my heart.”


Emma Winton, Event Coordinator

“I really enjoy my job and over the last few months, working more closely with Ailsa has most definitely helped. She’s a kind and cheerful work colleague always with a smile on her face! As you know, I am too 99.9% of the time a cheerful person and I think that’s why we get on so well with each other. 
Having a great manager also makes life easier and a happier place to work at, especially last week as an example. I feel that having a manager who understands your needs is definitely a bonus.

 Chatting to guests at reception is always great as well, it’s nice to be able to talk to people and just ask them about their day, or indeed help them if they need anything. 

I feel that at Business School, we know when we are all busy, but we also know how to have fun at the same time. We support and encourage each other if we have a bad day.”



Baljinder Singh, Client Support Host

“The benefits at my job are fantastic. My employer makes employees feel valued. My favourite part is being on site and seeing everything come together. My team is amazing.”


Sean Hughes, Front-of-house Supervisor

“What makes me happy in the workplace is seeing my colleagues learn and grow on a daily basis.”


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Our colleague Abigail Preston, Client Support Host, concluded our discussion about International Happiness at Work Week beautifully:“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”
This perfectly sums up our service ethos at Portico.

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