Industry Insights

2 March 2022

The beginning of the future.

As the work from home guidance and other Covid-19 restrictions were lifted late January, the return to the workplace felt a little more ‘real’ this time than the ‘trial run’ that took place last year. With employers and employees being more confident with the back to the office foundations, it’s time to build on them. The imminent spring into spring presents us with the start of a new beginning. The office will adopt a space-as-a-service model and technology will remain crucial in connecting the office to remote working. Adopting a watch, listen and learn method will enable businesses to see how the workplace is being used and what is required. In turn this will inform how the workplace can be reimagined for the long-term.

Technology to transform.

The world of guest services is expanding. No longer is it confined to a face-to-face in-office service. With 71% of organisations having mobility programs that enable employees to work from anywhere, guest services is transforming at speed to become a more holistic, multi-faceted service. Guest services will be a pivotal point for connecting remote and home workers, as well as employees and guests physically present in the office. Wherever and however segregated the audience is, guest services will be on hand to unite them into the brand in which they belong. Guest services: not always seen, but always heard, could be the new motto. Technology will leverage the human touch point to be even more powerful.

Tug of talent war.

In the last two years headcount has been hit by the Great Resignation, as workers leave jobs in striking numbers. The UK had a record 1.2m job vacancies in the three months to November 2021. As the global labour shortage prevails across many sectors, businesses need to look within. Offering increased salaries to fill vacancies is merely just a short-term fix. Investing in your people and training and development opportunities are real long-term value adds. Businesses will benefit by taking a deep dive and look at candidate expectations and what will make their organisation attractive. Sustainability, flexibility, wellbeing, and workplace experience are high on candidate agendas.