Empowering Service ‘Habits’

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27 September 2019

We are living in an experience generation and economy – so what does that mean for guest services? 64% of customers believe customer experience is more important than price when deciding to make a purchase with a brand (Gartner) – customers, clients and guests demand ‘in the moment’ and personalised solutions with higher expectations than ever before. 


Creating ‘experiences’ sounds simple, but it can be challenging to provide excellent and personalised service consistently at one client location, or one team, let alone across an entire organisation.


There’s increasing evidence that most brands aren’t keeping up with the specific needs of their customers, and this can have a significant impact on future successes – according to Temkin Group 77% of customers would recommend a brand to a friend after having just one positive experience. At Portico we’ve raised the bar.


The best companies have knowledgeable and helpful people who have been trained to not only answer questions and solve problems but also to create confidence with the customer. It’s about creating unique experiences for their journey – 70% of the customer’s journey is based on how the customer feels they are being treated. (McKinsey) and this means building their trust through service personalisation.


That’s why we ensure that our people are equipped to react to every client need, no matter how large or small. Our customers look forward to an exceptional, positively charged and memorable experience, and at Portico, we’re dedicated to delivering it.


We believe that we lead the market in offering more tailored training than any other Front of House service provider. Customers want to feel that they are “pilots” rather than “passengers”. Our philosophy is to teach more than just how to deliver excellent client service. We coach our people, teaching them life skills, service, language, leadership, presentation skills, communication techniques, confidence, brand awareness, and much more.


Teaching our people what to do is not enough we’ve established a foundation of empowerment, so each person is equipped with the tools to make in the moment choices to delight guests, grow loyalty, and build the business.


Our Service Habits are the service values that we live by at Portico. They’re designed by the business, ensuring that every experience separates average service from genuinely exceptional service. Each value is a practice that has the potential to become a repeating ritual, an established standard, or, yes, a service habit. They feature as part of our talent attraction, induction training and throughout our daily lives within our client operations – from job chats, to ‘Focus of the Month’ and also linked to our Rewards & Recognition programmes.


Our training courses are not limited to our people. The training team at Portico provide a wide range of bespoke and tailored courses for anyone who is looking to invest in their teams personal or service development. For more information, please contact our Training Manager on 020 7367 9010.


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‘The #1 reason customers switch to a new brand is feeling unappreciated’ (New Voice Media)
It’s proven that 50% of customers have left a brand for a competitor who was able to stay more relevant and better satisfy their needs. (InMoment)