Cost of Living Course

Learning & Development
9 December 2022

People’s bills are going up all over Britain — so what are we doing to help? Understanding basic finance has never been more important.

Portico has partnered with FLIC, a first-ever charity to promote financial literacy in the UK to launch Cost of Living Courses for its team members.

Bringing Portico people interactive workshops to help them take stock, plan ahead and understand what help is available.

All our team members are invited to attend the interactive sessions to check in on their budget, pay and debt.

The workshops are running throughout January 2023 and will cover topics around budgeting, getting paid and safely borrowing cash. We know money is a tough subject, but it’s always good to get as much control as possible.

Our people say:

 “Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we all understand our personal finances. That’s why at Portico & Searcys, we work with FLIC, as the experts in guiding our people through budgeting, tax codes, how to make their paycheck work for them and more, whilst internally we look at how to support our people through challenging times.”


Head of Learning & Development, Portico


‘’Really good and super informative. Lots of exciting tools for budgeting and info on what to budget for and preparing for lean periods.


Going to download some budget apps, thanks!’’

Participant feedback, Portico