Celebrating Sustainability at the Portico People Awards

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12 December 2023

At the 2023 Portico People Awards last month two brilliant Portico People emerged victorious in the Sustainability and All-Stars category. Misha Kodadova and Frederica Elias from The White Building stood out for their unwavering commitment to driving impactful sustainability projects that have left an enduring positive mark on their team.

At the heart of their achievements is the creation of a captivating rooftop garden—an oasis that not only enhances the building’s aesthetics but also serves as a tranquil retreat for occupants and visitors. This visionary project goes beyond the traditional bounds of sustainability by promoting mental health and wellbeing, fostering a sense of community among tenants and colleagues alike.

Beyond the human aspect, the garden has also enriched biodiversity, attracting bees, insect life, and birds. This aligns seamlessly with the landlord and building management’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and sustainability strategies, emphasising the interconnectedness of wellbeing and biodiversity.

The sustainability efforts of Misha and Federica are not limited to the rooftop garden. The team continually explores new avenues to integrate sustainability into their business strategy. Recycling bins, battery recycling stations, and reusable coffee cups for occupiers are just a few further examples of their proactive approach to championing sustainability in the workplace.

On their win, they shared: ‘Our team is incredibly honoured to receive the Sustainability Stars and All Stars Award! We are thankful to all our team members who have contributed to the successful sustainability practices in The White Building. We would also like to mention Hannah Lewis and Andy Knight from the JLL FM team who are always full of inspiring ideas, with their eyes on the ball when it comes to environmental innovations on our site.

Thanks to our generous landlord and super helpful Portico management, who helped us bring our ideas to life! This has meant our tenants can immerse themselves in gardening on our roof terrace, receive flower bombs or bee feeders, plant hanging baskets, and flowerpots (for which we received a Green Apple Environment Award), and so much more. This year with Portico has flown by and been so far amazing for us!

Congratulations to Misha Kodadova, Frederica Elias, and the entire team at The White Building for their exceptional achievements and well-deserved recognition at the Portico People Awards this year! Their story serves as an inspiration for all, highlighting the transformative power of sustainable practices in shaping a better, greener future.