Celebrating Pride Month with Joe Beretta

6 June 2023

To celebrate Pride Month, we have spoken to our team members about its significance. The first interview is with Joe Beretta.

Joe shares, “Pride month is incredibly important as it celebrates the community and raises awareness of the struggles faced by individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+. It is a time to celebrate diversity, love, and acceptance. Pride month brings together people from all walks of life to show support, solidarity and celebrate the progress towards equality. It is a time to reflect on the work achieved in creating a more inclusive world.

It is important to feel accepted and supported for who you are, especially in the workplace. I joined Portico in February and found that everyone can be themselves without fear of judgement. Portico continues to encourage me to be myself and embrace me for who I am. This experience has positively impacted my work and given me the confidence to apply it in my life outside of work. Sharing my positive experience at Portico can inspire others to join and know that there are accepting workplaces.

For me, I am always happy to participate in conversations for those who are genuinely interested to learn more about the community. Educating others can lead to a more accepting point of view. The topic of LGBTQIA+ is often neglected, particularly in schools. In my opinion, this is damaging for our society, as it has proven difficult to accept change later in life, as opposed to when we are younger. The openness and interest to learn about other communities is my opinion of what it means to be an ally. It also brings hope to the community for a more accepting society in the future.”

As we celebrate Pride Month, Joe’s discussion serves as a reminder of the power and importance of inclusive workplaces. By embracing individuality and fostering a culture of acceptance, we can create environments where everyone feels empowered to be their true selves.

Let us continue to champion diversity, love, and acceptance not just during Pride Month, but every day. Together, we can make a difference and build a world that celebrates and embraces everyone.