Celebrating Portico’s PFM Success with 22 Bishopsgate

7 November 2023

Congratulations to the Portico team at 22 BG, the winners of last night’s prestigious Premises and Facilities Management Award for Partners in Corporate. A well-deserved recognition of their exceptional contribution to this thriving environment, well done, Operations Director Hanna Barrett, Accounts Director Abbie Smith, On-site Manager Lauren Devins and everyone in the team who made this win possible.

Portico’s journey with 22 Bishopsgate began in 2020, and the team’s impact has been truly impressive. Their comprehensive service scope ranges from creating a warm welcome for visitors to managing the building’s lobby, coordinating operations, and promoting the marketing suite. In 2022 alone, they greeted an astonishing 139,631 visitors, conducted 237 building tours, and hosted 481 events, truly setting the bar for extraordinary guest experiences.

One of the standout accomplishments is the management of 22 Bishopsgate’s Active Commuter Park (ACP), the largest in Europe. This innovative initiative encourages greener commutes by providing over 1,000 bicycle racks, 75 showers, and more than 1,300 secure lockers, as well as bike maintenance and wash stations all within the building. Our dedicated Portico team actively encourages users to make sustainable choices and provides them with the tools, knowledge, and support to do so. As a result, 6.5% of the building now actively commutes to work, with over 16,000 cycling commutes in 2022 alone, an impressive achievement indeed.

Sustainability is a core value at both Portico and 22 Bishopsgate, and our team throughout the building plays a key role in assisting in the organisation of implementing these values. 22 Bishopsgate as a site actively promotes greener behaviours, from reducing printing and recycling materials to ensuring that energy systems are used efficiently. Our team members are on the ground daily delivering key messages, building relationships with suppliers, and driving a positive culture of sustainability.

In further collaboration with 22 Bishopsgate, our team introduced an innovative model for reception services, creating a fluid and free-flowing reception space. This design fosters natural interactions and problem-solving, aligning with the community and shared space ethos of 22 Bishopsgate.

Portico’s dedication to growing its strategy throughout 22 Bishopsgate has been further demonstrated through its ‘superhero’ recruitment and recognition scheme, rewarding employees for exceptional customer service.

Congratulations to Portico on this well-deserved recognition, and here’s to many more years of success and innovation at 22 Bishopsgate!