Pride Q+A with Rita Miranda

23 June 2023

To continue our celebration of Pride month, we spoke with Rita Miranda, a Senior Receptionist at Portico. Rita shared her experiences with Portico as an LGBTQIA+ member herself and shed light on the importance of ongoing support beyond surface-level celebrations.

When asked about her experience as part of the LGBTQIA+ community at Portico, Rita said, “I have had a wonderful experience working for Portico. I have always been made to feel very comfortable and not only accepted, but respected and appreciated.”

Reflecting on what Pride means to her, Rita shared, “There is a lot of history behind Pride Month, beyond being a month of celebration and rainbows. It is a time of reflection, for what has come before and for those who have fewer rights than we do here.”

When asked about conversations on LGBTQIA+ topics, Rita said that in her view the best way is to come without assumptions and preconceived notions and to be willing to listen and learn with an open mind.

She said that a good ally understands the importance of using our own platforms to lift up marginalised voices and support the community.

Finally, on what companies can do to make the workplace more inclusive, she highlighted the need to have ongoing support and not just limit efforts to Pride only, saying, “Companies can make more of an effort to have conversations and support for the community year-round rather than just in the month of June.”